Online Accounting and Inventory Software

IS Technologies provides a feature rich accounting portal which makes it easy to manage your invoices, books and accounts. Web-based accounting and bookkeeping provided by AccountsPortal means no more restrictions on how or when you access you accounts and financial information. There is no need to download or install your accounting software and all updates are free and automatic. The service is fully online, enabling you to provide access to an unlimited number of users, including your accountant or financial advisor, regardless of their location.

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Website Hosting Space and Bandwidth Monitoring

IS Technologies has developed monitoring tools which provide server space and bandwidth usage in real time. This provide a very efficient and practical solution.

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Online Product Designer

Online product designer from IS Technologies is a powerful yet easy to use and flexible online designer for virtually anything. T-shirts, vans, sign boards, shop signs, mugs, caps, even Teddy bears, let your clients select the base product and add their customzied text, image with full flexibility to let them take control of the design.

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