At IS Technologies we provide E-Business solutions, which help businesses in cutting down
their operating cost by automating business processes. Ecommerce applications have been
proved as the latest trend to reach out to a large span of the customers. We can help you to
achieve high customer satisfaction with attractive and efficient system interaction.

IS Technologies can build a customized shopping cart best suitable to your requirements.
We can also help you to obtain your "Secure Certificate (SSL)" from trusted Certificate
Authorities and to select a Merchant Account from a reputable and supportive gateway.

How Ecommerce Application can help your business:

  • Expand the customer base
  • Streamline supplier Chain Management
  • Have better hold on Inventory
  • Lower down the overhead cost
  • Lock your customers by providing the product/service at their ease
  • Control Legacy Systems
  • Automate business processes by reducing paperwork
  • Speed up billing
  • Scale up your business by adding new product-lines
  • Monitor industry trends
  • Keep watch on competition

Business operations which can be leveraged by Ecommerce:

  • Shopping cart
  • Retail Auction
  • Electronic data transfer
  • Digital transaction processing
  • Online Share trading