"To have a full-time software development team in-house or to outsource the software component of our projects has lately been a topic of hot debate in our firm, until we began working with IS technologies. We are a young,product development enntreprenuerial firm, offering Industrial automation solutions to the market. Electronic design and development has been our main competitive advantage whereas software component has traditionally provided a support function. After trying multiple options, we decided to work with IS technologies. We initially began our partnership with just one software and within a few months, the relationship has extended to one web-site and two software projects. This is of course a result of IST's highly professional and courteous team.

In my opinion, IST's distinguishing characteristic is their willingness to go beyond the inked agreements to facilitate their cleints. Changing specifications, alterations to the scope has never been an issue with them. I have always found their team to be accomodative and accessible.They know what they are doing. We are willing to expand our operations in near future and we are hoping that our cooperation with IST will expand in parallel. We both are entrepreneurial firms, hence we enjoy a cultural compatibility, and have succefully been able to avoid unnecessary bureaucratic hurdles which tradiotionally mar similar 
partnerships. Therefore we highly recommend IST, wishing them the best, and hoping that they continue their endeavor with their current zeal."
Prof. Waqar Haider Bokhari
Director R&D Lab
COMSATS Institute of Technology
Islamabad, Pakistan
"I've had the opportunity of working with Innovative Systems and Technologies in developing unique softwares for my professional work in energy-efficient and passive solar technologies in buildings. My experience was extremely positive with this firm. Not only the softwares were well developed according to my requirements, it was very easy to communicate with their staff and get the work done in time. Also, their service after completed work was very prompt and responses were very quick and immediate for clarifications and changes. It has been a pleasure to work with this firm."
Dr. Afzal Ebrahim, NCARB
Registered Architect
Environmental Architecture, Inc.
Gilbert, Arizona, USA