Voip Telephony

The significant VoIP initiatives by leading telecom carriers and cable companies have pushed
IP telephony into mainstream of business. For large enterprises to even small set-ups, VoIP
has evolved to replace the traditional, difficult-to-maintain PBXs and key systems with new
IP-based PBXs.

How can you benefit from VoIP telephony?               

  • Reduced calling costs and completely free when they travel over data network.
  • Integrated voice and data applications.
  • Gain central control of remote branch telephone calls.
  • Deploy company-wide dial-plans and short codes for simplified network operations.
  • Connect Home users into the central PABX (Private Automatic Branch eXchange) as
    though in the office with no call charges.
  • Permits call to all standard telephones too, and not just other VoIP users

Whatever your needs IS Technologies offers cost effective services to meet your requirements.
Our team consists of professional experts with wide range of experience in various domains.
Our Asterisk experts ensure delivering solutions that often outpace client’s expectations.

Our Voip related services include (but not limited to) the following:

  • Asterisk and A2Billing installation
  • Hosted Voip solutions
  • AGI Scripting
  • DID numbers
  • Wholesale Voip termination

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